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Aug. 1st, 2009

I'm poor and need money for my rent and books for this semester. So, I'm selling stuff on Amazon, if you'd like to check it out. All of the books fit into one of these three categories: psychology/counseling, women's and gender studies/feminism, and Europe.  Hopefully my skills making the big bucks via the World of Warcraft auction house will help me cash in IRL.
Y'all know I started a new DIY clothing blog, right? You can now add it to your LJ friends list! http://syndicated.livejournal.com/diywardrobe/

New clothing tutorial blog!

Hey people! I started a new blog over on Blogger. It's all about making your own clothes and accessories. I spend tons of time searching for clothing and purse tutorials, so I figured I'd start sharing them with everybody because it's kinda hard to find good ones. I'll also be posting my own projects and tutorials as I make them.

www.diywardrobe.blogspot.com has been born. Please, check it out. Add me if you can (I don't have any friends so far). Share the link with your crafty friends. I would really appreciate it. I have a few posts up now but there will literally be hundreds more over the next few months.

Thanks so much! :)

Instead of reading the 200 page book that I have a quiz on on Tuesday or working on the 20 page research proposal that I have due on the 20th, I'm posting this.

I am probably the best person to know if you ever get knocked up. I don't even know my brother's girlfriend, but I'm hooking them up with tons of baby stuff. Literally. I bought them a bunch of cute clothes, toys, bottles, and other baby supplies. They don't have much money (they're only 20 - neither has been to school and my brother will be deployed to Afghanistan until next summer) and I won't be able to attend the baby shower because I'll be busy with school, so I wanted to give them something nice and useful when I see them on Thursday.

Oh, and I tried to stick with gender neutral colors (yellow, green, orange) since they don't know the sex of the baby.

I also made her a really cute blue houndstooth diaper bag, complete with water-resistant vinyl lining for easy clean up. She can use it as a messenger bag when she doesn't need to haul around baby stuff anymore (at least, that's what I hope).

I'm also working on a baby quilt for them (though it won't be finished by the time I meet her next week).

I'm posting detailed pictures of everything under the cut because I think it's all so cute and I'm kind of sad that I have to give it all away.

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